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Du Jie


Du Jie

Born in 1968 in Hubei, China, Du Jie graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and currently lives and works in Beijing.

The titles of Du Jie’s artworks, each consisting of a color and a pair of dates, are as modest and unshowy as the works themselves. The color denotes that of the monochromatic background; the dates testify to the time span between the day her fine brush starts drawing a line on that background and the day the same line joins up with itself. Even after long and slow inspection of the small-scale canvases, it might still be hard for one to believe that the intricate pattern twisting and turning its way around every square millimeter forms a single loop. Du Jie has been working with the same 25 × 25 cm format since 2003; her works are intended for and practically command close viewing. When seen from a distance, the blank spaces in the painting tend to blur and the line formations appear to melt into a seemingly monochrome surface. As one walks up close, on the other hand, Du Jie believes “the moving line would also move something inside of them.”

Du Jie’s artworks have been widely exhibited in China, Japan, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, and Russia.