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Ma Shuqing


Ma Shuqing

Born in 1956 in Tianjin, Ma Shuqing graduated from Tianjin Academy of Arts and Crafts in 1989, and received his MFA degree at The Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany, where he studied with Prof. Ludi Troeger and Prof. Jerry Zeniuk.

During his time in Germany, Ma Shuqing dedicated himself to exploring and researching on abstract painting. His paintings restore individuality and spirituality permeating in the process of painting, presenting solely minimalistic color as well as a space of visual sensibility. In terms of his art-making process, Ma often disguises the repeatedly intricate procedure of smearing the paint and rich color representation in the basis layers, whereas on the top layer showcases monochrome and refreshingly condensed color. The layering, obscuring and revealing of colors and their inter-relationships are a crystallization of the artist’s cognition, intuition and experience. Conceived through this unique artistic language, his paintings bring sensory influence to viewer’s eyes, and meanwhile afford a suspension and depth that allows limitless room for imagination.

Now based in Paris and Beijing, Ma Shuqing has his own studio in 798 District in Beijing and works as a distinguished professor at Tianjin Academy of Arts and Crafts. His artworks have been shown and collected in many museums and galleries in China, Germany, France, Sweden, and major art fairs including Art Basel, Hong Kong.