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NanHai Art Seminar Series: Contemporary Taiwanese Art Since the 1980s

April 17, 2015 - 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Professor An-yi Pan, Cornell University, will be offering a talk titled "Contemporary Taiwanese Art Since the 1980s" from 2 PM to 4 PM on Saturday, April 18 at NanHai Lecture Hall. Refreshments will be served. Please RSVP here.

This lecture will contextualize the rise of Taiwan's contemporary art amid two conditions. Domestically, democratization engendered a strong sense of self-identity and historiography on the island. Internationally, postmodernity provoked incentives to challenge the center. Not only did fine arts undergo a revolutionary discourse, but the social movements in Taiwan at the time were interwoven into artistic expressions. These two commingled elements gave birth to and have characterized Contemporary Taiwanese art since the mid-1980s.


Speaker: Professor An-yi Pan

An-yi Pan researches Buddhist Art with special interest in the relationship between Chinese intellectual participation in Buddhism and Buddhist painting, Buddhist architecture in relation to precepts, liturgical and spiritual spaces, and transcontinental blossoming of Buddhist teachings and art. He also devotes research to Modern Chinese art and Contemporary Taiwanese art, investigating the impact of colonialism and current geopolitical influence on Chinese and Taiwanese art from the late 19th century to now.

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