Advancing Innovative East Asian Arts Research Within the Humanities

January 27, 2022 - Sara Patterson

Mark Barnekow (MBA’88) and his wife, Jean Song, are passionate about the arts and Chinese culture and have been deeply inspired by Hou Beiren, the 105-year-old Chinese American artist. They have been so moved by the man and his artistic practice, they recently decided to endow the ‘Hou Beiren Graduate Student Enhancement Fund’ in the Center for the Art of East Asia within the Division of the Humanities.

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SFMOMA announces 2019 finalists for prestigious SECA Award

December 14, 2018 - SF Chronicle - Charles Desmarais

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has announced 16 finalists for its closely watched SECA Art Award for 2019. The awards are the region’s most prestigious recognition for emerging artists. The finalists, all of whom work and live in the Bay Area, are Sadie Barnette, Craig Calderwood, Sofia Cordova, Brett Goodroad, Nicki Green, Kunlin He, Porpentine Charity Heartscape, Kenyatta AC Hinkle, Sahar Khoury, Dionne Lee, Marlon Mullen, Ramekon O’Arwisters, Clare Rojas, Davina Semo, Christine Wang and Karla Wozniak.

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October 17, 2018 - Lilly Wei - 艺术中国

此次画展的标题“这一切(All This)”意指展出画作的复杂性、差异性和独特性。它还包涵了另一层意义,那就是塑造这些作品的背景超越了东西方二元论——这种二元论早已变得过于简单和局限,除了用于最广泛的分类,不再具有参考价值。当然,中国艺术家与全世界的艺术家甚至人们一样,拥有自己独一无二的故事,这些故事反过来塑造他们的作品。你住在哪里、被谁抚养长大、在何处与什么人一同求学、受到哪些艺术家的影响、读过的书、听过的音乐、看过的电影、获得的资源、你的喜怒哀乐——简言之,你境遇、经历、想象的总和,你到目前为止的全部生活,都体现在你的作品当中。

No.2 California Wildfire 2017

Going Outside at NanHai Art: The Solitary Landscapes of He Kunlin and Tong Yi Xin

October 2, 2018 - Christopher Frank Blackmore - Art Practical

Going Outside is at its most compelling when the Chinese philosophical and aesthetic concepts are discreetly embedded within contemporary images and technologies, challenging expectations of witnessing cultural otherness and intimating instead the possibility of a more dynamic realization of digital technology’s putative claims to cultural universalism. In doing so, both artists anticipate a future that seems more likely than most: one in which humanity exists as a variegated crossroads of other histories and ways of being, in discordance and in concert.

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October 1, 2018 - Betti-Sue Hertz - 新浪收藏

近年来,中国艺术家对传统的“文人墨客”以及艺术家学者的概念兴趣倍增。何昆霖(Kunlin He)和童义欣(Yi Xin Tong)这两位长居美国的中国艺术家和国内外许多年轻艺术家一样,为宋、元、明时期文人画家的文化地位与实践所着迷。被视为道德和艺术上的精英群体的文人画家们受过良好教育,他们追求儒家理想,政府官吏也不例外。他们弃用北方宫廷画师的精湛技巧与华丽风格,追求感性与自我表达,中国艺术史上诸多备受尊崇的作品均有这一特性。山水画作为一个独立的体裁,在中国艺术中的历史渊源可追溯至唐朝的分裂瓦解。它蕴含着对人类之不完美的隐喻,也正是这种传统让两位旅居国外的艺术家何昆霖和童义欣从隐逸于自然以表达对移居现实不满的行径中找到灵感。他们怀抱着退隐田园的情志,同时也渴望置身当今连接紧密的全球文化——社交媒体和数字通信等本土媒体形式就不乏有不祥的生态灾难和研究旅行的新闻报道。尽管何昆霖和童义欣不是正式的合作画家,但他们相通的混合拼贴美学揭示了他们的调查主体性,这无疑汲取了中国童年记忆的滋养,同时又受到了美国熔炉式文化潜移默化的熏陶。

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百歲增二 侯北人山水畫臺灣展

May 22, 2018 - 國立國父紀念館


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May 10, 2018 - Seattle Art Museum

Join us for a lecture by Edward Gui on Contemporary Asian Art from Global Perspectives. Edward Gui is Director of NanHai Art, a San Francisco Bay Area based gallery and art center devoted to presenting and promoting a roster of leading contemporary Chinese artists, including Liu Kuo-sung, Hou Beiren, Qiu Deshu, Wang Tiande, Shen Chen, Arnold Chang, and Michael Cherney (Qiu Mai).

The inaugural session of the Washington State China Relations Council's Chinese Art & Culture Series is co-presented with the Gardner Center for Asian Art and Ideas and Nanhai Art.


Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area Announces Dates For Fourth Edition

April 19, 2018 - Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area

Asia Week San Francisco Bay Area is delighted to announce dates for the fourth edition of the Bay Area’s annual celebration of Asian art. This year’s event will take place from October 5 - October 14, 2018, offering daily programming for the art community and the public to discover new, significant Asian works of art in diverse and noteworthy venues. There will be an impressive line up of participants including museums, galleries, institutions, auction houses and other arts organizations throughout the Bay Area, featuring a weeklong art and culture events representing the full spectrum of Asian cultures, engaging artists, scholars, collectors as well as the general public.

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March 6, 2018 - 桂高華

張大千先生一生四海為家、交遊廣闊,所到之處必結交名流同道,留下許多佳話。自上世紀60年代中期頻繁造訪加州,1971年購置「環蓽庵」正式移居,直至1976年搬去台灣, 大千先生與加州結下了一段十餘年的緣分。 本次「邱氏家族珍藏中國書畫」之主人邱永和、吳忠媖夫婦即是60年代初與張大千結識。他們所經營的德洛麗絲旅館, 也成了張大千正式移居加州之前每次造訪卡梅爾的下榻處及與眾多朋友歡聚之所。 這其中, 就有已年過期頤的知名旅美書畫家侯北人先生(1917- )。侯北人、張大千1956年初識於香港。 彼時張大千由巴西經香港赴巴黎辦展, 侯北人亦將結束在香港的雜誌出版工作移民美國。初次相識, 侯北人攜帶了一幅張大千的「漁人晚歸圖」。 兩人相談甚歡。 張大千欣然在圖上題跋:“北人仁兄得予舊作攜以見示,時先生將有北美之行予亦將西遊巴黎也。 丙申三月大千弟張爰。” 書畢意猶未盡,又以清湘道人筆法寫墨竹贈侯北人。 自此兩人開始了二十餘年的書畫往來、詩詞唱和。

da ming mountain


March 2, 2018 - University Museum and Art Gallery, HKU

The University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) presents From Two Arises Three: The Collaborative Works of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney from March 2 to May 6, 2018. The unbroken Chinese ink painting tradition has developed continuously over the course of more than a millennium, and this evolution continues into the present day, as evidenced by the current popularity of contemporary ink. While Chinese contemporary art has gained prominence over the past decades, there has been a clear dichotomy between purely contemporary works and those with a stronger connection to tradition. This division now appears to be fading as traditional aesthetics merges with newer forms of media.