Liu Kuo-sung


Liu Kuo Sung

Liu Kuo-sung

A native of Shandong, Liu Kuo-sung was born in Anhui, China in 1932. He moved to Taiwan in 1949 and graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Taiwan Normal University in 1956. Universally recognized as one of the earliest and most important advocates and practitioners of modernist Chinese painting, Liu is known as the “Father of Modern Chinese Ink Painting" in Taiwan and the "Pioneer of Modern Chinese Painting" in Mainland China. Liu has taught at Chung Yuan University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Tainan University of the Arts. He was also a visiting professor at the University of Wisconsin – Stout and the University of Iowa. Currently, he is a Chair Professor at the National Taiwan Normal University.

Liu has exhibited extensively across the world and his works have been collected by sixty-eight prestigious museums and galleries, including the Palace Museum in Beijing, the British Museum in London, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Museum of Asian Art in Berlin. In addition, Liu has won a variety of awards and grants, including the John D. Rockefeller III Foundation grant in 1966 that allowed him to travel around the United States and Europe, First Prize for Painting at the Mainstream ’69 USA, the Special Award in the Sixth National Art Exhibition in Beijing, the National Award for Arts in Taiwan, and the Award for Lifetime Achievement from the China Arts Awards. Liu’s artistic achievements have been noted in eleven Art History books, published in China, the United States, Britain, France, and Switzerland. 

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