NanHai Art at Art Central Hong Kong x Artsy


NanHai Art is pleased to participate in the 2020 Art Central Hong Kong x Artsy Online Fair, presenting works by 9 overseas Chinese artists and artists who work beyond the borders of China. This exhibition will feature different generations of artists – Hou Beiren, Arnold Chang, Michael Cherney, Qiu Deshu, Shen Chen, Wang Tiande, Hong Chun Zhang, Stella Zhang, and Kunlin He. A variety of artworks in various media—ink and color on paper, calligraphy, photography, sculptural paintings, installations, and videos are shown.

The 2020 Art Central Hong Kong Online Fair will be viewable until May 1st. To access the Online Fair, please visit here.

These artists have all sought to think beyond the simple East-West dogmas, which has allowed for a vital distance, and a particular insight, as they contend with the legacies of Chinese history, international modernism, transnationalism and globalization. Some of those artists have helped stimulated and/or participated new art developments in Mainland China, and their international exposures have helped bring contemporary Chinese art onto the world stage.  On the other hand, the onset of globalization and the rise of China, and its momentous economic, social, and political changes, have served as the crucial catalyst, which in term stimulated these artists to respond with an explosion of diverse work that is simultaneously exhilarating and bewildering.